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Getting the most out of assessments with Learning Progressions and Sequencing
The webinar will discuss the key components to Star Assessments in a brief 30 minute online introduction.

Key components include

- Identify a pupil’s spectrum of ability with the star scaled score – validated by the NFER to correlate with the national curriculum

- Offer granular-level information which informs urgent interventions for the most vulnerable groups of pupils

- Offer informative steps for next level learning based on each pupil’s individual level of ability based on what they already know and what they need to know

- Visually see how effective teaching strategies are throughout the course of an academic year using Star’s easy-to-read growth report – for more detail of each pupil’s growth – carry out more assessments at no additional cost

- Compare the progress made by individual pupils to the progress of their academic peers, nationwide. If a pupil scores 70% on a test and falls bottom of the class – don’t panic! SGPs will illustrate that this is the average score for all pupils of the same age/ability, nationally

Jun 6, 2019 3:45 PM in London

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