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The Power of Reading Comprehension
English teachers in foreign language settings all over the world recognize the importance of providing their students with materials that facilitate growth. Ensuring growth in reading depends on

1) Providing students with reading opportunities at the right level.
2) Checking to see students understand what they read.

In this webinar, Dr. Carol Johnson will demonstrate for educators why facilitating comprehension when reading is critical for growth, contributing not only to reading but overall language development.

The webinar will begin with a brief research review on the importance of comprehension when reading, followed by a demonstration of the effect of vocabulary on comprehensibility. Using sample students, the webinar will then offer multiple student examples that clearly illustrate the correlation between comprehension and growth in reading.


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Dr Carol Johnson
International Educational Officer @Renaissance
Carol Johnson is a bilingual educator and International Education Officer at Renaissance. She holds a PhD in Second Language Acquisition & Teaching, specializing in how people learn second & foreign languages. Her years spent teaching English as a second language and French as a foreign language convinced her of the need to stay current on language & literacy research, always working for better outcomes for her students.